24 February 2012

Issues for the Human Environment

Environmental problems are increasingly large, widespread, and serious. Like a snowball rolling, the longer the greater. The issue is not just a local or translocal, but regional, national, and global. Impacts on the environment occurs not only in relation to one or two terms only, but the latch hook in accordance with the nature of the environment that has a multi-chain relationships affect each subsystem. If one aspect of the environment affected by the problem, then the various other aspects will have the impact or effect as well.

At first the problem of the environment is a natural problem, namely the events that occur as part of natural processes. This natural process occurs without significant consequences for the environment system itself and can be recovered then naturally

However, current environmental issues can no longer be regarded as merely a problem that is natural, because the man gave a very significant factor in variables for environmental events. It is undeniable that environmental problems are born and evolve as the human factor is much larger and complex than the factors of nature itself. Man with many dimensions, especially with the mobility of factors of growth, the development of the mind with all its cultural aspects, and so does the age factor or process that changes the character and outlook of man, is a more appropriate factor linked to environmental issues.

Therefore, issues such as environmental damage natural resources, the shrinking forest reserves, the destruction of biological species, erosion, flooding, and even the types of disease that develops last, is believed to be the negative symptoms that are predominantly sourced of the human factor itself. thus, reasonable to say, where there are environmental issues then there is a human.

To environmental problems such as pollution, flooding, landslides, Gaga! harvest because harna, droughts, extinction of various species of rare animals, the land becomes barren, elephants and tigers disrupt the township residents, and others, in order to prevent and control systems are being made to it, will not be effective if it only dealt with the physical paradigm, science knowledge and technology, or economics. But because of these factors, the paradigm solution must also involve all aspects of the humanistic. So in this case, the role of science-ilrnu humanities such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, law, health, religion, ethology, and so on in a very strategic approach to environmental problems.
By Nommy Horas Thombang Siahaan, Indonesia

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